Vehicle Wraps, Vinyl Lettering, Vinyl Graphics, and Custom Vinyl Banners are what we do, and we do vehicle wraps better than anyone in New Hampshire, Boston, Massachusetts, and New England., located in Concord, NH specializes in vinyl lettering graphics and wraps, custom vinyl banners, vehicle wraps, car wraps, truck wraps, motorcycle wraps, skimobile wraps, boat wraps, plane wraps, fleet and bus graphics, window wraps, storefront wraps, as well as anything else you can think of for custom vinyl car wrap advertising!
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We are now offering wall and floor graphics.

Vehicle Graphics Give-Away – $250 Off Your Next Purchase

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Vehicle Graphics Contest

Vehicle Graphics Contest

Our parent company Advantage Signs, Inc. is giving away $250 towards the future purchase for vehicle graphics. The rules are simple, stop by our office located at 128 Hall Street, Suite C in Concord, NH and sign up. The contest ends on April 15th, 2011.

Vehicle Wrap Leasing / Vehicle Wrap Financing Now Available!

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We now offer a more feasible way to pay for your vehicle wrap, by offering Vehicle Wrap Leasing/Vehicle Wrap Financing . With no money down , and a minimal monthly payment you can’t afford not to wrap your vehicle.

Getting the vehicle wrap you need today by leasing, instead of purchasing, can be a cost-effective option, particularly if you don’t have the cash on hand. Along with being able to regulate your cash flow more effectively, leasing offers these additional advantages:

Balance Sheet Management
Because an operating lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability, it does not appear as debt on your financial statement, thus making you more attractive to traditional lenders.

Customized Solutions
A variety of leasing products are available, allowing you to tailor a program to fit your month-to-month or year-to-year cash flow needs.

Immediate Write-Off
Lease payments are treated as expenses on a company’s balance sheet, therefore, equipment does not have to be depreciated over five to seven years. (Consult with your tax professional prior to making major asset acquisition decisions)

Improved Cash Forecasting
By leasing a vehicle wrap you know the amount and number of lease payments over the life of the leasing period, so you can accurately forecast cash requirements for your vehicle wrap.

Tax Benefits
The IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible overhead expense. Therefore, you can deduct the vehicle wrap lease payments from your corporate income. (Consult with your tax professional prior to making major asset acquisition decisions).

Call us today at 603-224-7446 and find out how we can jump start your vehicle advertising campaign.

Why Wraps are Better than Paint…

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We get this question alot here at NHWraps, and we wanted to do a little clarification on the subject.

The reason vehicle, fleet and motorcycle wraps are better than paint is listed below:

  1. Wraps provide protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun.
  2. Should you not like the look of your wrap, or have the desire to change something, you can easily remove the vinyl wrap material yourself. This eliminates the cost and need for harsh chemicals, and will protect your investment in the mean time.
  3. Duplication. Say for instance you have a fleet of vehicle, and they all need to look the same. It is much easier, faster and efficient to print and apply the graphics to your vehicle. This will provide consistency in brand recognition, and since it is quicker to install wrap  than to paint an entire vehicle, your company will have less downtime.
  4. Finer details. Since wraps are printed from large, turb- style printers, we are able to get much finer details than any airbrush could ever emulate.
  5. Trendy and Cool. Vehicle Wraps are trendy and demand attention. Not only do vehicle wraps get your business noticed in non-conventional areas such as the highway, parked at a trail head, at the beach, in front of your place of dwelling, at the local store… but there is also a coolness factor that comes along with joining the “Wrap Community”. It’s similar to owning a motorcycle, or Jeep, you just seem to be in a more “elite” crowd.

NH Wraps – Motorcycle Wraps Flyer

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NH Wraps - Motorcycle Flyer

NH Wraps - Motorcycle Flyer

We now offer high-quality motorcycle wraps. These motorcycle wraps will protect your motorcycles paint until the graphics are removed (a pretty easy process). This will leave the paint in the original condition it was in, just before NH Wraps installation team works there magic, plus provide protection for the damaging UV rays of the sun.

We have many custom patterns and designs to choose from, give us a call today and see how NH Wraps can make your motorcycle just as unique as you are.

Please click on the image above to view the recently designed flyer for NH Wraps / Motorcycle Wraps.

Don’t Paint, Wrap!